5 Things That Can Kill You Hiking In HK


1. Brown foot paederus

Be careful of deadwood in the forest. The toxins invade the body through the skin.

2. Venomous snakes

There are 8 kinds of snakes in HK whose bite can be fatal. The most common are coral snake, krait, cobra, and bamboo snake.

3. Monkeys

You can find many monkeys in the Kam Shan Country Park. They are overfeed and in recent years have gotten very aggressive and known to attack hikers.

4. Wild boars

These beasts can weigh up to 200kg. They are commonly found in Sai Kung, Tuen Mun, and Tai Mo Shan.

5. Animal traps

They can maim and some are known to contain poisons that can kill animals as well as humans.

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